Alright, for the earliest weekend ever, March 23rd, the guys made it back out to Big Bend Campground, Charlie, Tony, Steve, Jambo, Dave, Dano and John. Five of us went down the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac on a new section from Seneca Rocks to Dolly Sods. The river level was optimal affording high level and fast current, class 2 to 3s. Awesome trip, Tony had a little trouble, he dunked twice and received the record for shortest run 15 yards! Fri nite a little rain, Sat morn rain and fog but cleared to beautiful sunny 70s, so we did the upper section of the South Branch above the campground. Sunday was beautiful also, so we ran the section from Eagles Rock down to low water bridge. Tony again had sum trouble and dunked twice. We got one on video, see link below. This year, Tony wins the coveted LOTT award !
Another highlight of the trip was Charlie grossing out the guys again by eating, drinking and licking off a grill that had been left out two days!
Carnu Trip 07
Double loser!
Just got off the North Fork.
Cute couple!
Nice lookin carnus!
What is that?
At Big Bend, Friday eve.
Is it gonna rain?
Beautiful Canopy!
Gettin ready to pack up on Sunday.
Tonees sleeping pad in the urine trench!
Hmmm, will Charlie lick it?
2 day old grill licking for Charlie
Lotta vehicles!
Tonee comuting wid nature !
Tonee, wad be those scrapes from?
More scapes!
A Brown Hairy Moon !
Steve thinkin lez geet going b4 another mooning dudes!
Arent they cozy?
Nice rapids to get a carnu stuck on, heh Tonee?
Here be Jambo!
Here comes Steve!
Tony Goes Over Video    
Charlie Grill Licking VideoCarnuTrip07_files/TonyGoesOver07.movCarnuTrip07_files/Grill%20Licking%2007.movshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
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